Sweet Pea is Two!

Welcome to my very first blog post! I’ve tried blogging before but just felt like I didn’t have anything interesting to say. But recently I’ve gotten the bug again. I decided that even if the only thing this is used for is so my kids have precious memories of their childhoods, it’s totally worth it. So here goes! We’ll see if I can stick with it, ha!

Two years ago is a day I will never forget. My sweet girl made me a momma for the first time… and right after we got back to the hospital room from the C-section room, they had to wheel us all back down there because a tornado was in the area! I, of course, was blissfully unaffected by our potentially life-and-death situation as I cuddled this little thing with a head full of black hair and the most girly, dainty features I’d ever laid eyes on. I knew my life would never be the same.


See what I mean? So darn cute, this little one. Well, two years later we are obsessed with all things Sesame Street, so it wasn’t difficult to know which direction to go for a birthday party. We decided to keep things small this year (because let’s be honest, until she gets “friends,” it’s all the same people who came to her first birthday, and I fed them dinner last year!), but I think we still turned out with a great little shindig befitting the most precocious, energetic, adorable 2 year old I know. I was particularly proud of a couple of the details we came up with, so I thought I’d add these ideas to the multitude of great Sesame Street-themed party ideas out there in the blogosphere.


Honestly, beyond plates and cups and such, I just used stuff we had around the house. As I said, small scale party here. The picture is one we took of her when we went to Sea World San Antonio for vacation last month. Side bar: TAKE YOUR KIDS THERE. We had kids in our traveling group from 8 months to 8 years and they were all thoroughly entertained. And seeing your 2 year old get to meet Elmo, who as we all know is as big a celebrity as there can be at that age, is absolutely priceless. Alas, you have to pay for pictures with Elmo, so a pic with Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Zoe was sufficient as free decoration for our party. 🙂

Also, found this idea somewhere on Pinterest. So cute for party favors, right? Little cookies in the shape of Cs and 2s! I can’t find the original place I pinned it because I had to follow like three links the first time to get it… so I’m sorry to that person whose idea this was, and please believe me that it wasn’t my original idea.


My biggest struggle of the day turned in to my biggest triumph. My daughter is in many ways, but one in particular, a freak of nature. She has serious texture issues, and she doesn’t like sweets! Are you kidding me?!? What toddler doesn’t beg her mom for candy 20 times a day? Well, mine doesn’t. So how do you make a birthday “cake” for a two year old that doesn’t like cake, nevermind keeping it on theme? Well, I’ll tell you how:


You make an Elmo fruit pizza, that’s how! My sister the artist came over to help with the composition of Elmo himself (thanks sister, you’re my hero!) but I just love the way it turned out! Here’s the recipe and how-to, for those that may be interested:

Fruit Pizza Recipe (courtesy of bff Kristen)

1-8oz. pkg cream cheese

1pkg refrigerated sugar cookie dough

1 cup powdered sugar

1 small tub cool whip

your choice of sliced fruit

Press cookie dough into a pizza pan (and PLEASE for the love of all that is pure use some parchment paper… no matter how much non-stick spray you use IT WILL stick if you don’t. I learned this the hard way, so I’m trying to save you the pain! …you’ve been warned!) and cook at 325 degrees for approximately 20 minutes or til cookie is done. Let cool completely. Combine powdered sugar, cream cheese, and cool whip and spread over cookie crust. (really need your cream cheese to be softened/room temp… if it’s not your creamed mixture will be lumpy. Still tastes good but who wants lumpy creamed mixture?) Arrange fruit on top (in this case, in the shape of Elmo!) Chill before serving. Makes about 12 servings.


strawberries, blueberries, and oranges made the perfect fruit Elmo for a 2 year old who doesn’t do sweets!

I know, so easy right?? And I just knew she was going to gobble it right up. But seriously, what do I know…?


Remember what I said about texture issues? Well, my lumpy creamed mixture was apparently too much for her. She just wanted the fruit. humph. Well, still, it was cute and all the grandparents, aunts, and uncles ooh’ed and aww’ed at how delicious it was so I was pleased. 🙂

And there you have it! All in all a very happy birthday for my sweet girl. 🙂 Even little bother joined in the new toy festivities…Image


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1 Response to Sweet Pea is Two!

  1. Amanda says:

    Your stuff is so cute!! I found you by googling Elmo fruit pizza because I saw the Elmo veggie trays on pinterest, but I know our family would not eat that many cherry tomatoes!! So I was thinking of making a fruit tray instead, but then saw a fruit pizza & thought “I bet someone put there has blogged about making an Elmo shaped fruit pizza….” And here you are! I’m throwing my son an Elmo party for his 2nd birthday in a couple months because he’s also obsessed with all things sesame street (but mostly Elmo!) thanks for the great example!!

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