Just Call Me June

Quick post from my phone to show you what I made today! So back in February I found one of those “pillowcase dresses” with this adorable Sesame Street fabric that I thought would be perfect for C to wear to her birthday party. And I’m still not sure if it was this particular dress or pillowcase dresses in general, but whatever the reason, it looked ridiculous on her. It was boxy and shapeless and too short for my tall kid. Luckily I had her Abby Caddaby shirt as a birthday party back up, but it left me with this adorable fabric and no cute new dress! So the wheels started turning yesterday and I went to Pinterest to see if I could find a good repurpose project. The fact that the original dress was basically a big rectangle worked in my favor, and I found this cute little “snappy toddler top” pattern and tutorial, and there you have it! I am new enough to this blogging business that I didn’t think to take a before pic or any progress pics, and I definitely had to undo and redo a few seams in the course of the afternoon, but all in all I love how it turned out! Here’s a quick iPhone pick of the finished product (minus button holes).


Cute huh? I just love the things I’m discovering and accomplishing through the world of Pinterest! It makes me feel like I’m channeling June Cleaver or something. It doesn’t take long for me to snap back to reality though, when I look up from sewing and my house looks like a tornado hit it. Oiy. June probably never let dishes sit in the sink or stayed in her pajamas all day either. Not that I did that or anything… 🙂


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