Drying it up


It’s been so long since I’ve blogged! Lots has been happening in our little family… lots of changes, and even more in the next few months as my husband starts back to school. I’ve had in my mind several ideas for blog posts but just haven’t had time to sit here and flesh them out! It seems between weaning my second baby, potty training my first, keeping the house picked up and the meals cooked around here… not to mention my recent efforts to lose weight and get back in shape… there just hasn’t been much time left, haha! But stay tuned… my busy days and recent projects have inspired even more ideas for blog posts, so time permitting I will hash them out too!

Today, it’s all about my lessons learned in weaning my little one. As I talked about in this post, I had no trouble weaning Sweat Pea because we had trouble from day one. I never did make enough, but was unaware that there were things I could do to boost my supply. I just decided one day I was going to be done nursing and really never looked back. I had no trouble drying up. My oh my was Little Man’s story different! He was always a better eater than Sweat Pea, and I learned about the things I could do to boost my milk supply. Which was so wonderful for the 9 1/2 months that I nursed him. It only proved to be a problem when we decided it was time to be done. Glory! I tried to work my way down slowly, but apparently it wasn’t slowly enough, because around 48 hours after my last nursing session I seriously felt like I was going to die. Like, I think it was worse than when my milk originally came in after he was born. Horrible horrible pain. So I decided to nurse him one more time to help relieve some of the pressure. BIG mistake. That made it even worse! So only after about a week of not allowing my husband to even come near me because I was in such pain did it occur to either of us to do some research about what can help in the drying up process. Here’s what I learned that worked for me. Hopefully it will help you if you are having the same trouble.

1) Work your way down slooooooooooowly. Cut out a feeding at a time and wait until you don’t feel any pressure at the next feeding (i.e. after your supply adjusts) to even think about cutting out another one.

2) After you cut out your last feeding, you will more than likely become engorged again. Things that I figured out help dry you out faster:

  • Binding. This was the thing that single handedly made the biggest difference for me. I slept with an ace bandage type contraption wrapped around my chest absolutely as tightly as I could stand it. Not gonna lie… the first morning after I woke up, I felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest. But I also noticed that my breasts were markedly less full.
  • Antihistamines. For the same reason that your doctor tells you not to take them while nursing, it helps to take them when you’re trying to wean.
  • Avoid warm water. As in, try to keep your back to the water in your shower as much as humanly possible.

So that’s what I learned! Hoping it can help any of you trying to work through it. Feel free to comment with anything else that you learned that made weaning/drying up easier for you and your little one.


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2 Responses to Drying it up

  1. Claire says:

    Good to know! As of now, my plan is still to make it until a year with Duke. (It’s CRAZY that it’s only 3 months away!) I have often thought of how I will wean him and how soon I will start. I may have to ask you some questions as the time nears. 🙂

    • mbaily says:

      No problem! I’d love to help any way I can! 🙂 My original plan was a year as well, but I realized I’m starting him in MDO the very month he turns 1. I decided that might be a bit too much change in a short amount of time, so I decided to do it a little sooner. But it was definitely a hard decision!! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

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